Fall Volleyball Scrimmages Leagues

The league guidelines are listed below

Please note schedules will be posted or updated by 4 pm the day prior to play.

If there is an error in the standings please fill out form below with the discrepancy. PLEASE INCLUDE NIGHT , LEAGUE and TEAM NAME

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Fall Volleyball Scrimmage League Registrations

Email Sean@jesseoaks.com to get on the wait-list, please indicate night and level of play

A mandatory Captain's Meeting is set at 7 pm at Jesse Oaks in the Leinie’s Lodge for Thursday, DATE 9/17

If you cannot attend please email sean@jesseoaks.com

Intra team play guidelines

If you are not feeling well or sick stay home. 

Each night teams will play intra team games

The teams will be broken into made up of 4 groups of 6 people for intra team play

4 groups of 6 will be playing on 2 courts, no substitutions will be allowed

An attendance roster with a temperature check will be completed before every scrimmage game and will have with name and phone number for every person for each team before every game

Masks will be required during all volleyball play. (Health Department requiremnt)

Games as always are played for fun and no prizes are awarded.

Before games the referee will spray the net with sanitizer and provide a fresh ball.  Players wanting to practice or warm up must bring their own balls


Indoor/Outdoor Seating:

Tables will be seated first come first serve. Reservations are not accepted.

When available all patrons must be seated by host/hostess.

While waiting to be seated, please remain 6’ apart from other tables

We will let you know when your table is ready, if not immediately available.

State guidelines state masks should to be worn

Parties will be sat at tables appropriate for guest count i.e. 4 guests to a 4 person table, 5-6 guests to a 6 person table, 6-10 at a 10 person table.

No more than 10 people at a table.

DO NOT MOVE TABLES! These are set up under guidance from the State of Illinois.

Inside and outside bars are available to customers for orders (drinks or food). Please maintain social distancing. A bartender may take your order and deliver your food and drinks directly to your table to prevent crowding at the bar.

We encourage credit card or exact change.

Outdoor areas

Playground and sand pit are now open. Children must be supervised. The playground equipment will not be sanitized by the establishment and children can play at their own risk. Surface sanitizer can be provided upon request.

All Social distancing guidelines also are located on the www.jesseoaks.com website

This season volleyball leagues are for fun

Standings and end of season playoffs are for fun

End of season raffles will be done on elimination night

Teams are responsible for obtaining T-Shirt Order Form and Gift Certificates from the Leinie’s Lodge after the league has concluded 
* In the event a team requests the registration fee be refunded prior to league being full or September 30, 2020 which ever comes first. The team is subject to a cancellation fee of $100 to be subtracted from the refunded registration fee.  After October 1, 2020, all registration fees are non refundable.

Safe Shopping at Jesse Oaks: You can now register for our volleyball leagues online using our safe and fully encrypted website!  That's right! we're using SSL (Secure Site Licensing) to keep your contact and billing info private.

We use secure site licensing (SSL) at Jesse Oaks to keep your contact and billing information safe.

EERD (Extra-Early registration discount) expires 8/28/2020
ERD (Early registration discount) expires 9/4/2020


Volleyball League Start Date End Date Reg Price ERD
exp. 9/4
Exp. 8/28


Super Recreational and Recreation A B                            Saturday games can start as early as 4 pm                   (depending on # of teams signed up)

Super Recreational and Recreation A B                        Sunday games start at 4 pm
















Monday Super Recreational and Recreation A B 9/28 12/21 $275 $225 $200
Tuesday Super Recreational and Recreation A B 9/29 12/22 $400 $350 $325
Wednesday Super Recreational and Recreation A B  9/30 12/23 $400 $350 $325
Thursday Super Recreational and Recreation A B  10/1 12/17 $400 $350 $325
Friday Super Recreational and Recreation A B  10/2 12/18 $350 $325 $300


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